Could Mid-Engined Corvette Confirmation Come This Year?

Could 2016 finally be the year that confirmation is given on a mid-engined Corvette? According to Corvette Forum, it will be.

The website claims to have received a tip from a reliable source that General Motors will approve a mid-engined Corvette sometime this year. It is claimed that development of the car is so far progressed that its approaching the point of no return and has to be launched as a direct rival to the third-generation Ford GT.

Given the successful sales figure of the C7-generation Corvette, GM will apparently sell the mid-engined Corvette alongside the existing model, but offer it as a much more expensive alternative, possibly costing around the same as the new Ford GT or a Lamborghini Aventador.

Given its high sticker price, breathtaking performance will be one of Chevrolet’s key goals with the car. Power could come courtesy of a twin-turbocharged V8 engine derived from the current LT1 and LT4 family, pumping out well over 700 hp. Power will of course be sent to the rear wheels, potentially through an all-new seven-speed manual transmission.

As with other class-leading mid-engined cars, the new Corvette derivative will be produced in extremely limited numbers .

An announcement about the car could come as soon as November’s Los Angeles Auto Show.