Current Dodge Viper Being Killed Off Due To Lack Of Curtain Airbags

After FCA boss Sergio Marchionne revealed a new-generation Dodge Viper could become a reality, reports have surfaced suggesting that the current car will be axed after the 2016 model year.

At the Detroit Auto Show, Motor Trend learned that the decision has been made to pull the pin on the existing Viper as from the 2017 model year, it will no longer comply with new federal safety standards.

The new standard in question requires side curtain airbags for all cars and Dodge has been unable to find a way to fit them into the current Viper, a car already with limited headroom.

It isn’t yet known when the current Viper will remain in production, but it could be through to the end of this year. Already crippled by poor sales, it isn’t surprising the current Viper’s life will be cut short.

Thankfully for Viper enthusiasts, the comments of Marchionne give hope that the Viper story is far from over. He said that the car could ride on a new architecture from within FCA, potentially from Alfa Romeo, Maserati or even Ferrari.