Cyclist Enrages Funeral Home Driver After Kicking Parking Cone [NSFW]

The bitter hatred between many cyclists and motorists is well-documented and unlikely of abating any time soon as evidenced by this recently-uploaded YouTube video.

Filmed a couple of days ago by a cyclists with a helmet camera, the clip shows the cyclist kicking over a cone placed outside a local funeral home in South Philadelphia. The cyclist claims that a number of funeral homes around the city place cones in 20 minute loading zones to reserve spots for funeral cars.

This comes despite the fact that these parking spaces are not private zones and can be used by the general public.

Unfortunately for the cyclist, a worker at the funeral home caught him kicking over the cone and wasn’t in the mood for a calm resolution, instead choosing to cut off the cyclist as he approached a set of traffic lights.

A war of words then ensue (NSFW) with the driver yelling to the cyclist “Try it again and I’ll take your fu**ing eyes out” to which the cyclist calmly responds ,“I’ll do it every day”.

Cyclist and motorists, can’t we just all get along?