Henrik Fisker Hits Aston Martin With A $100 Million Lawsuit

Well known automotive designer Henrik Fisker has just filed a lawsuit against Aston Martin.

In the lawsuit, lawyers acting on behalf of Fisker claim that he was sent a letter by Aston Martin asking him not to reveal his upcoming Force 1 supercar at the impending Detroit Motor Show.

It suggests that the design of the Force 1 is too similar to that of the DB10, a car designed specifically for used in the latest James Bond film Spectre.

However, only a single teaser sketch of the Force 1 has been released thus far, a fact pointed out by the legal counsel of Fisker, leading Aston to acknowledge that, at this stage, it doesn’t know how exactly the Force 1 will look like when fully revealed.

The lawsuit asserts that Fisker’s car is completely distinct from any Aston Martin vehicles and an image has been released pointing out some of the key design differences between the pair.

A statement from Fisker says: “Aston Martin is trying to intimidate me to prop up their own flailing company and to mask their financial and product deficiencies. I refuse to be intimidated and that is the reason for today’s filing.”

In response to Aston Martin’s letter, Henrik Fisker is asking for $100 million in punitive damages, compensatory damages and court costs.