This Sporty Fiat XXX Concept Is 100% Retrofuturistic [w/Video]

This study from IDECORE depicts a sporty little Fiat that revives the spirit of the Bertone-designed Fiat X1/9 from the 1970s and early 1980s.

Dubbed the ‘XXX’ (for some reason), it adopts a Targa solution that allows for solid structural rigidity, as well as a best of both worlds type of thing from a designer’s perspective. The artist managed to draw this car up in such a way that it’s hard for us to think of it as anything other than a Fiat.

According to the man behind the drawings, this car is an every-day sports car, and the cabin reflects just that. The seats aren’t overly sporty, while it features leather on the upper dash (there are multiple configurations), and has a premium flair to it, especially with that ultra-modern (…and very Mercedes-Benz E-Class-like) digital instrument panel.

As for power, Idecore says that it imagined the “Triple X” with a 1.4-liter turbocharged MultiAir engine that also features a KERS system, which means that this little fictional Fiat would aim to be frugal as well. Other than that, the designer states that it would have same carbon fiber structure as the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Thanks to Idecore for the renders