This BMW M5 Touring Imagines Itself Taking On A Hypothetical Audi RS6 Allroad

Even if Audi is considering making an Allroad version of the RS6, something tells us that BMW won’t want to follow their German counterparts in this adventure.

We’ve seen renderings of M5 Touring models before, based on the F10 M5. And while some people might enjoy seeing themselves behind the wheel of such cars, we should keep in mind that this particular study depicts an off-road-ish version of an imaginary M5 Touring.

Once you put it this way, it does start to sound a little weird, doesn’t it? The M5 is supposed to represent the pinnacle of mid-size saloon performance and now we’re turning it into a more family oriented Touring model with higher ground clearance? Let’s not all be repulsed at once.

Even if you like the way this car looks, and we obviously can’t call it bad-looking, you might just be treading in super-SUV territory with it, so why not just go directly with an X5 M? Currently, the M5 and X5 M are priced similarly (considering that price-range), so in theory, you wouldn’t get off a lot cheaper buy purchasing the hypothetical M5 Touring xDrive.

Performance-wise, you might need to kiss those 4.3 seconds that you needed to go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) goodbye. But the overall difference in performance shouldn’t be that big, so this would undoubtedly still be a super fast, super capable family hauler.

Do you guys think there’s any need for this type of car in the first place?

Rendering courtesy of: X-Tomi