Volvo V90 Leaks Ahead Of Upcoming Reveal At Geneva

Not long after being leaked online via a scale model, the upcoming Volvo V90 has been revealed in all its Swedish glory thanks to Teknikens Varld.

The V90 has been created as the successor to the V70, which has been in production for 20 years. It’s successor is therefore well overdue and its impending release won’t come all that long after the BMW 5-Series-rivalling Volvo S90 was unveiled.

From a visual standpoint, the V90 is easy to differentiate from the V70. At the rear for example, it includes more eye-catching taillights incorporating flowing curves, sharp edges and straight lines and certainly sharing some traits with those of the S90. We can also see that the rear window of the V90 is steeply raked and while that would normally mean a reduction in cargo space, it is claimed that the V90 makes up for this by being 5.9-inches longer than the V70.

At the front, headlights essentially identical to those of the S90 have been installed. The only unique element of the front end are the air intakes as the rest looks just the same as the S90.

Beyond its design, the V90 will be an improvement on the V70 thanks to some improved and all-new engines. Some engines are likely to include the T8 Twin Engine hybrid with 407 hp, a 190 hp four-cylinder diesel and a three-cylinder powertrain. Confirmation has already been given that a high-performance Polestar version is in the works.

The Volvo V90 is expected to celebrate its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.