Tesla Sets New Sales Record In 2015

Tesla has just confirmed that last year was its most successful to date, with a total of 50,580 cars being delivered.

In the fourth quarter, it sold 17,400 vehicles, eclipsing the previous quarterly record of 11,603 cars in the third quarter of 2015. That figure consisted of 17,192 of the Model S models, with the remaining 208 being the recently-launched all-electric Model X SUV.

From October ’till December, a total of 507 Tesla Model X EVs were produced and now, production has been ramped up to 238 vehicles per week.

Tesla’s sales figures are quite impressive, especially when one considers that in February, it said its deliveries would rise by 70 per cent over 2014. In the end, that figure was almost achieved falling short of its target by just 3,633 units, mostly due to the delayed launch of the Model X.