Watch A Man Snowboard His Way Through New York

Snowboarding seems to be the answer to the blizzard that brought the US east cost to a standstill.

After what the media described as a “record-setting snowstorm”, a travel ban was issued in the Big Apple, but that didn’t stop YouTuber Casey Neistat from taking advantage of the situation and having a little bit of fun through the city streets…. on a snowboard. Is this the best idea ever, or what?

Anyway, in order to achieve this trick, Casey (along with a friend) was towed by a Jeep Wrangler through a scenario that can easily give the “Tax The Rich” guys and their F50 wake-boarding stunt a ride for their money (metaphorically speaking).

Although the video is titled “snowboarding with the NYPD”, New York’s finest made their appearance only at the end of the video and pulled the guys over just to “act” like they’re giving them a warning. It seems that someone complained about the boys and their little stunt, but the policemen were cool enough to let it slide, as one officer can be heard saying:

“Someone complained about you, so we’re going to act like we’re talking to you.”

Of course, nothing is as simple as it appears on camera, so we’ve also prepped the “making of” video of the, well, video, just to the amount of work it went into this 2:42 minute footage.