You Can Buy This Honda-Powered Classic Mini To Really Feel The VTEC Kicking In

Although engine swaps are relatively popular in the classic Mini’s circles, this D15-swapped example carries a certain appeal.

There is a special breed of petrolheads out there who never stop thinking on how to improve their beloved cars, often upsetting the purists.

This particular Mini is far from the maddest conversion we have seen on the past, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun.

The JDM-sourced Honda 1.5-litre engine was installed using MTD’s front subframe and should produce around 130hp, which sounds plenty for the size and weight of the lilliputian British old timer. The seller also says that the car has a new rear subframe to allow the fitting of new coilovers.

Moreover, it is a ready-to-go, finished build and not a project in progress – plus its looks are relatively understated, with just the usual flares to give the light-green Mini a more purposeful stance.

Modern VTEC power in a classic Mini sounds interesting. If it tickles your fancy, you can find it listed on Ebay, with the seller asking $23,900. It may not come cheap but if it is as sorted as it looks, then it should be a riot daily driver.

H/T To BaT!