BMW X5 And X6 Set To Receive Touchscreen Infotainment Display

In the coming months, the X5 and X6 are set to receive updated infotainment systems.

Given the prevalence of touchscreen systems throughout the industry, those on the two SUVs, which still rely solely on the iDrive controller to operate their infotainment and navigation systems, are an oddity.

This, according to BMW Blog, will change soon. Beyond the addition of touchscreen support, the X5 and X6’s infotainment setup will be updated to the latest iDrive 5.0 system, which will retain the existing iDrive controller in the center console but now be operable through the improved display itself as well.

It seems unlikely that the current generation X5 and X6 will be available with the advanced gesture control featured on the new 7-Series. The new touchscreen for the SUV duo won’t arrive as part of a facelift and instead be a standalone update for the 2017 model. There’s a possibility that current X5 and X6 owners will be able to upgrade to the new tech, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.