Husband And Wife Drag Race Their Tesla Model S And Model X

Brooks Weisblat, the man behind Drag Times, managed to organize a drag race we’ve been waiting months to see, one between the Tesla Model S P90D and the Tesla Model X P90D.

Both cars are owned by Weisblat and his wife and to break-in the Model X like any enthusiast would, they headed to the drag strip to see which of the pair is quickest down the quarter mile.

Thanks to the range-topping 90 kWh battery pack, Ludicrous mode and dual motors found on both, they produce an identical 762 hp and are capable of acceleration times previously unseen in the luxury sedan and SUV markets. But which of the duo is the fastest?

Throughout the various races, the Model X P90D Founder’s Edition pumped out 11.6 second times consistently, potentially making it the world’s fastest SUV. By comparison, the Model S achieved a best time of 11.3 seconds, just shy of Weisblat’s world record 11.244 second sprint recorded a couple of weeks ago.

As the Model X weighs some 600 pounds more than its sedan counterpart, it’s not surprising it’s slightly ‘slower’. But with a sub-12 second ¼ mile, it is still faster than the likes of the BMW X5 M and Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S.