Dwight Schrute Is A BMW I3 Type Of Guy, Who Knew?

Anybody who’s a fan of Rainn Wilson’s character from the hit show The Office, is probably a bit surprised to learn he loves his small electric car so much.

Wilson recently posted a photo of himself and his BMW i3 on Instagram, saying “Selfie with i3. Thank you BMW for creating such a lovely and practical electric car.” His i3 has a dark, featuring a two-tone paint job which combines dark gray and black – sort of like Dwight’s intentions for Jim on the show.

In fact, if you thought Rainn was anything like his character Dwight, you probably expected him to drive a pick up, or at least stick with the maroon 1987 Pontiac Trans Am he used to have on the show.

While that was a bonafide V8, this i3 is so far disconnected from that world, it’s almost like it’s from another planet.

What’s ironic is that some Trans Am versions from the late 80s and the infinitely more modern i3, as different as they are, have pretty similar performance figures. Coincidence? Of course. But why miss out on any opportunity to think about The Office?

Photo: Rainn Wilson/Instagram