Fiat Chrysler To Temporary Halt Maserati Production Again

Maserati is halting production again to adjust its production to lower demand for the two models manufactured at their Grugliasco plant in Turin.

This will be fourth time the Italian car manufacturer stops the production process, and Reuters reports that the FCA-owned company will continue using temporary layoffs until the situation is under control (until the offer matches the request).

The situation seems more critical, as unlike the previous furlough, which lasted a week, now 1900 workers will temporarily stay at home from March 17 to April 4 – adding a new suspension on top of the three-week layoff between January and February, as the Fiom union said:

“Maserati now makes use of temporary layoffs each month … there is a risk that production this year will be lower than in 2015 when it was already down 30 percent on the previous year”.

This comes after Vincenzo Aragona, national secretary for Fismic, said in a statement that Maserati is still on the right path: “We aren’t worried about the future. Maserati’s investment in Grugliasco is one of the most positive events in the Turin area in the last 10 years”.

Fiat Chrysler declined to comment on the issue.