Geiger Cars Places The Dodge Ram Rebel On Stilts

Even with a 5,7-litre HEMI V8, the Ram Rebel still might not be enough for some, but Geiger has a solution.

Fitting the truck with chunky 35×12,5R20 tires fitted to 9×20-inch alloys, seemed to do the trick, although the 100mm increased ride height made it even more imposing. The track width was also increased by 36mm. Just imagine meeting this thing on a narrow one-way street.

The company also says that the RAM Rebel’s outlaw character is further emphasized by a massive bed rollbar and a wide LED roof headlight band transforms the night in day at the push of a button. And don’t worry about fuel consumption because the car can also be equipped with an LPG autogas system that makes the 5.7-litre V8 monster a little bit easier on the pocket.

The price for all the extra equipment installed by Geiger comes to a total of €15,350 ($17,278), and that’s on top of the RAM’s €56,900 ($64,049) price in Germany.