Hamann’s New BMW X4 Parts Increase Sporty Appeal

Compared to previous tuning offerings Hamann made available for the BMW X4, this new kit from the German company make both the front and the rear of the car stand out a lot more.

This X4 could be just about anybody’s “white whale”, and it’s all thanks to that prominent front spoiler, custom wheels, rear spoiler, rear diffuser, and of course, the rear wing. One could argue that the only thing missing are wider fenders.

Hamann’s previous take on the X4 was a bit more PG13. In fact, that car had a dual-exhaust system instead of a quad-exhaust system, and a simpler and almost M-Sport inspired front spoiler. It didn’t come with a rear wing, nor did it present itself with black headlight surrounds and a darkened grille.

In terms of performance, Hamann will take care of your X4’s needs regardless of which version of this Sports Activity Coupe you own.

Drive through with your xDrive20i or 20d model and you’ll get a power boost, increasing your output from 184 PS to 208 PS in the petrol-powered car, and from 190 PS to 231 PS in the diesel. Torque also goes up to 315 Nm (232 lb-ft) and 464 Nm (342 lb-ft) respectively.

Moving on up in the range, the xDrive28i and 30d models can be brought to 272 PS and 313 PS respectively, where the diesel model’s torque can peak as high as 675 Nm (497 lb-ft). As for the xDrive35i and 35d versions, we’re looking at max outputs of 348 PS and 381 PS respectively, with no fewer than 760 Nm (560 lb-ft) of torque available for the xDrive35d.