Fog Causes Huge 70-Car Pile Up In Slovenia, Multiple Casualties Reported

According to local media reports, at least four people died in a huge-pileup during severe foggy conditions between Ljubljana and the Adriatic coast in Slovenia on Saturday.

Police stated there were some 70 vehicles involved, including dozens of passenger cars, some of which actually ended up lodged under trucks. The authorities had to close the motorway while emergency crews struggled to help those in need and clear the some of the wreckage.

Dashcam footage provides us with genuinely scary insight into what those people went through as some managed to avoid crashing into the back of another car.

The vehicle carrying the dashcam managed to stop in time and clear the first lane by getting onto the shoulder. The driver probably realized he had to exit the car as soon as possible when he saw all the people trying to get clear and find some safe ground while climbing up the bank on the side of the road. Of course, getting out of the car when you know another car might crash into you without a moment’s notice is probably one of the most difficult and stressful moments a driver could go through.

Note: Some might find this footage disturbing