Honda Boss Confirms Turbo Engines For Next Accord And CR-V, Plus PHEV For America

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo revealed in a press conference that the next Accord and CR-V models will based on the same platform with the latest Civic and use a downsized turbo petrol engine.

Honda will use the new platform for these global models as part of the company’s plan to offer more distinctive cars with a more involving driving experience and attractive design.

The next generation of the Accord and the CR-V are also set to use a downsized turbo petrol engines, following the presentation of the 174hp 1.5-litre force-fed unit that debuted in the US Civic model.

Takahiro Hachigo also said that Honda is looking into ways of strengthening production of regional models in order to better accommodate regional needs. More specifically Honda will launch a new full-size SUV under the Honda brand and an all-new Acura compact SUV in China, while in North America, production of full-size SUVs will be expanded to another plant to better accommodate the debut of the new Ridgeline and the next CR-V and Odyssey.

The Japanese company plans to reveal an all-new plug-in hybrid model in North America by 2018, followed by the introduction of PHEV versions of each of their major models. But the real highlight is going to be the introduction of “a new approach to automobile manufacturing” which will allow electrification of a model beyond the concept of a platform, something that sounds indeed very revolutionary.

Last by not least, the Honda Clarity fuel-cell is scheduled for launch in Japan, starting this March. The company is also working on the next generation fuel cell system with General Motors which is going to hit the market around 2020.

Honda hopes that by 2030, plug-in hybrid, hybrid, FCV and electric models will make up to two-thirds of their overall sales.

Turbos, PHEVs, FCVs mixed with more attractiveness, sounds like Honda has its hands full at the moment and we can’t wait to see the first samples of their new approach.