Jeep Celebrates 75 Yr Anniversary During Super Bowl

With this year’s Super Bowl already in the books, Jeep has decided to pay tribute to their legacy while showing off two distinct videos that already caught some air-time during the big game.

Before you read any further, worry not because we’re not going to tell you who won the game, in case you haven’t watched it yet (doubt it, but you never know…). Having said that, we will tell you that Jeep pulled out all the stops regarding their Super Bowl commercials and here’s a quick recap of what they’re about.

The first video is called ‘Portraits’ and it was made in acknowledgment of the people, faces and moments that have shaped the brand’s history since 1941 and until present day. The catchphrase “We don’t make Jeep, you do” goes on to show that the company is of the mentality that they can only go as far as their fans will take them.

The footage includes famous icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Jeff Goldblum, BB King, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Jones, Steve McQueen and Amelia Earhart, while also mentioning significant pop culture moments such as the company’s contribution to famous movies like Jurassic Park and The Terminator.

With ‘Portraits’ looking at the past, the second video entitled ‘4x4ever’ is meant to unite the brand’s global community and drive the company forward. In case you’ll be enjoying the soundtrack, know that it was Sony Music artist Morgan Dorr who managed to bring to life the idea that there’s more to “4×4” than meets the eye.

Also, Jeep recorded sales of more than 1.2 million vehicles worldwide in 2015, the highest total in their entire 75-year history, so the future might look even brighter than their past.