Lady Casually Drives Ferrari F40 With High Heels In Monaco

If you have the opportunity to drive a Ferrari F40, you should take it, even if that means driving the Italian exotic in a skin-tight mini skirt and bright red high heels.

One woman in Monaco was recently filmed doing just that and despite the less-than-ideal footwear, had absolutely no issue handling the car’s twin-turbocharged V8 engine nor its heavy manual transmission or getting comfortable in the carbon fiber racing seat.

This particular F40 is registered in Monaco and like most of the other 1,310 examples produced, is painted in Rosso Corsa and includes a set of silver five-spoke wheels. As this F40 has the Lexan sliding windows rather than the winding windows of later examples, it could be one of the first 50 units built.

While the F40 was introduced almost 30 years ago, it still remains one of the most respected and loved supercars ever produced, with many pundits still calling it the best supercar of all time. When it can do this, who could blame them?