Mother & Child Saved From Sinking Car In Amsterdam

Four men jumped in the water earlier this week in Amsterdam to save the occupants of a car that had ended up in the middle of the canal.

According to reports, the woman had parked her car but failed to secure it, resulting in moving and endin up in the water.

As the vehicle was sinking, she was trying to save her child. Thankfully four brave bystanders were around to rescue them both, with one of them almost immediately diving into the canal after the car.

They had to break the vehicle’s windows with stones in order to free both the woman and her child, since the doors were impossible to open under those circumstances.

Ruben Abraham, one of the rescuers, said he doesn’t consider what they did to be heroic, arguing that “every healthy young man would have jumped into the water. It is quite a natural reaction.”

Story references: rtlnews & nltimes