‘Oh, Sh!t Balls!’, Snowy Crash Caught On Dashcam

Imagine driving along a motorway in the snow at night and boom, out of nowhere a car slides out of control right in front of you. It’s a scary thought and something a female driver in Missouri experienced earlier in the month.

Filmed from the dashboard of Helena Gramlich’s car, a car traveling in the opposite direction can be seen sliding sideways before smashing into the concrete crash barrier separating traffic.

It hits the barrier at such speed that it flies right over it and into oncoming traffic, right in front of a large SUV who is unable to brake in time to avoid contact.

Gramlich is also unable to react fast enough to avoid contact and smashes into the flipping vehicle’s rear end.

While all of this happened, Gramlich was on speaker phone and can be heard screaming ‘Oh sh!t balls!’ just before the crash. She can then be heard telling the person on the phone to call 911 before jumping out of her car to check on the condition of the other driver.

Given the situation, we can’t blame the surprised driver for her response.

Note: Obviously, this is a NSFW video