Pagani Huayra Goes Grocery Shopping In The US

No car is perfect and in the world of high-end exotics, one of the downfalls of such high-powered machines is a lack of practicality and minimal luggage space.

But how bad can it be? Can an Italian hypercar be used to buy groceries or is it simply impossible? To find out, one Pagani Huayra owner headed to a local Whole Foods store in Greenwich, Connecticut.

This particular Huayra is dubbed Gemini Uno and is finished in gloss blue carbon fiber and is worth well in excess of $2 million.

As the car is mid-engined, it doesn’t have a trunk and unlike most other supercars, the Huayra doesn’t have a bonnet either and instead features two aerodynamic flaps up front.

To make up for this lack of space at the front and rear, Horacio designed the Huayra with two carbon fiber storage compartments in front of the rear wheels. They are sizeable enough to store two grocery bags each but actually getting the groceries into the carbon boxes is quite a laborious process.

If you’re wealthy enough to own a Pagani, chances are you can just have your groceries delivered. Problem solved.