Project Kahn Jeep Black Hawk To Be Unveiled At Geneva

Project Kahn’s Chelsea Truck Company (CTC) division plans to introduce a new product based on the Wrangler at Geneva, called the “Black Hawk”.

There aren’t that many automobiles in CTC’s curriculum, but the Wrangler (along with the Defender) is a regular. Even so, the British customizer never infused it with all it had, keeping it mellow and subtly tweaked.

Nonetheless, judging by the sketch/teaser presented by Kahn, the Wrangler will finally get the tuner’s trademark rugged style, governed by the well-known wide-body kit with massive “bolt-on fenders” that seem to integrate with the vehicle’s overall design due to their construction on top of the actual stock original units. Simply said, expect a CJ300 CTC kit with a lot of spicy add-ons.

The front fascia seems to be revised as well, adopting a more massive design, reminiscent of custom off-road metal bumpers used by heavily modified 4x4s. The daytime running lights between the bumper and the side wings are still present, and so are the Satin Black 17-inch Jeep 1941 rims.

There are no details about what’s happening under the new bulgy hood, but we reckon the Wrangler’s looks deserves something better than a 2.8-litre 197 Hp diesel engine. We’ll just have to wait its official unveiling at Geneva and see for ourselves.