Sam Raimi Directs Horror Film-Inspired Chevy ‘Trailer’

Chevrolet is inviting fans of classic horror movies to understand the connection between this particular film genre and the active safety technologies in the 2016 Malibu and Cruze.

This 60-second genuine trailer is directed by none other than Sam Raimi, known for his cult horror movie series ‘Evil Dead’, but also for the three Spider-Man movies that featured Tobey Maguire.

Past indiscretions aside, Raimi hits the nail on the head with this trailer, as it actually looks like the real deal, as if they were previewing an upcoming scary movie.

On top of that, this trailer will be playing in US theaters nationwide and will end with an “automotive twist”, as Chevy’s VP of marketing Paul Edwards points out.

“We continue to look for unexpected, attention grabbing ways to tell our story. With this trailer, we have thrown a twist into that quintessential, edge of your seat horror movie moment to highlight the comprehensive suite of available active safety technologies in our new Malibu and Cruze.”

Raimi explained that he approached the development of this Chevrolet trailer “the same way we would an actual movie – by thinking through the plot, characters and eventual outcome.”

What’s interesting is that in the end, the protagonist (which you may or may not recognize) breaks the fourth wall, kind of like Deadpool. This matters because as Raimi points out, in some theaters, “the audience is so concerned for the safety of the main characters that they call out warnings to save them. That’s what this is based on.”

Chevrolet expects this trailer to reach nearly 2,300 theaters and 14,000 screens nationwide during a six-month run – which in turn offers the brand an opportunity to reach a very wide audience.

As for the all-new Malibu and Cruze’s active safety technologies, they include systems such as Front Pedestrian Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Side Blind Zone Alert with Lane Change Alert, New Forward Collision Alert with Following Distance Indicator, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Front & Rear Park Assist, Intellibeam, Adaptive Cruise Control with Front Automatic Braking and Automatic Parking Assist.