Take A Look At Matt LeBlanc’s Interview And Fastest Lap At Top Gear

Top Gear goes down the memory lane in an attempt to keep the show going.

After announcing “Joey” as a new host, it released a video with his interview and fast lap back when he was a “Celebrity in a Reasonably Priced Car” and Jezza was still in charge.

The footage, shot for Series 18, Episode 2, is where it all started for the new Top Gear presenter, as in just a few years he managed to switch places with his interviewer.

We’re taking you back to the classical moment where he became the fastest ever celebrity to lap the famous Top Gear track“, says the video’s description, as a reference to the fastest lap set around the improvised circuit, of 1:42.1, behind the wheel of the Kia Cee (apostrophe) D, by the 48-year old actor.

Matt LeBlanc is expected to start his work with Top Gear soon, since the first episode of the new car show is believed to air on May 8, 2016, on BBC, a few days after filming finishes. The new Top Gear season will reportedly have 16 episodes.