Tech Company Evatran Announces Tesla Model S Wireless Charger

While Tesla works on bringing its robotic charging arm into production, technology company Evatran is on the verge of releasing a completely wireless charging option for the Tesla Model S.

Evatran already offers inductive charging pads for the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf and Cadillac ELR and is taking pre-orders for its Model S system, before shipments commence during April.

Customers can reserve a Model S charging pad with a $244 deposit and will be able to use the charger without any software changes. All that is needed is for the 35 lb adapter to be installed on the underbelly of the Model S by a technician and another pad situated on the floor of a garage.

The system charges at 7.2 kW which Evatran claims will be enough to add about 20 miles of range per hour of charging. By comparison, a Tesla Supercharger can provide a Model S with 170 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

The firm behind this latest charging option says that it is also developing wireless charging systems for the Tesla Roadster and Model X and when it’s released, the Model 3.

Story references: Plugless Power