Too Soon? VW Appeals To Our Sentimental Side In New US Ad

VW is still on its feet after the emissions cheating scandal, despite sales going down by 15% last month, compared to the same time last year.

In reality, VW isn’t going anywhere. Have they been shamed in the public’s eye? Certainly. But we’ll need some more time in order to properly assess where they’re headed and how fans might start to interpret their marketing strategies and overall image across the globe.

Now, since this ad is aimed mainly at the US market, we can absolutely try to interpret what their short-term intentions are and how they’re hoping to be perceived again. In a sense, they’re saying that they have so much history with previous owners, it would be a shame to forget all the solid cars they’ve built over the years.

Having said that, everybody is free to make their own decisions regarding how they choose to see VW moving forward. However, in a way, saying that “VW has and always will be there for people at every stage of their lives” – as the video’s description reads – is both true and a little misleading.

The reason why it’s true is a purely technical one. It’s not like they’re going out of business any time soon, so at any time in your life, you’ll probably be able to purchase a VW-badged automobile.

As for the reason why some might take offense, is because it may be a little too soon for them to preach about reliability and trust at a time when the public might still feel deceived, or even betrayed.

You should watch the video and see for yourselves if it moves you any which way. But do let us know if you suddenly feel the urge to forgive and forget.