Want A Four-Door Rocketship? MTM’s 802HP S8 Talladega R To Land In Geneva

Ignore for a moment the silly wrap and look at the numbers; 802hp, 217mph, 0-62mph in just above 3 seconds.

Numbers like this typically belong to exotic supercars not in a big limo with room for five people and all the luxury you could ask for.

The Audi S8 Talladega R by MTM is essentially the updated version of the Talladega S. The company didn’t mess with the figures as they were considered bonkers-enough, instead they focused on improving the power delivery.

Zero to 124mph (0-200km/h) comes in 9.9 seconds and to 186mph (300km/h) in just 29 clicks of the watch, which makes the Talladega R a true supercar-killer. A set of 22in Bimoto wheels shod 265/30 tires and huge carbon ceramic brakes guarantee the necessary grip and stopping power needed with a vehicle of this mass and firepower.

Even Walter Röhrl liked it saying things like “the handling is superb”, “throttle response is fantastic!”, “power delivery is both outstanding and developed evenly“.

It even offers good value for money as the final price, with the donor car included, is set at 222,000 euros (around $242k in current exchange rates). Is there a better all-rounder 800hp monster for the money out there?