A Tiger Was Running Loose On A Qatari Highway Today

Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe this scene filmed in Qatar earlier today when a…tiger was spotted wandering on the traffic-ridden Doha Expressway.

In the beginning of the video that was seems to have been compiled from various clips taken by eyewitnesses, the big cat is seen tumbling down the road, but it’s unclear whether it fell off or if it was hit by the moving truck.

The tiger then started running through lanes of heavy traffic to the bewilderment of motorists, before a man grabbed its chain and pulled it out from under a standing car.

Local news site ‘The Doha’ reported that the country’s Interior Ministry tweeted that it’s looking into the matter, stating, “We assure everyone that the authorities are following what has been circulating (on social media) regarding a tiger being seen in specific areas of the country.”

According to the same source, while illegal, “it’s not uncommon for residents to keep wild animals such as tigers, lions and cheetahs as pets in Qatar”. Well, that explains everything…