Angry Aussie Scooter Rider Attacks Car

Australian dashcam footage captures the moment an angry scooter rider snaps and smashes the windscreen of the following car.

Due to the fact that the video does not contain any audio, it’s hard to get a complete idea of what’s going on. Was he provoked by a blaring horn or just caught off guard?

In the video, taken from the car in question, the driver is traveling along John Rice Avenue, in the suburb of Elizabeth Vale in South Australia, when he sees the man on the scooter and slows down to avoid him.

The person on the scooter then moves into the middle of the road, seemingly tripping up as he dismounts- indicating the driver may have accelerated toward him slightly. He then punches the windscreen, while his friend comes into view from the footpath to collect the scooter.

We can then see the young man screaming and gesturing aggressively at the driver before disappearing into a side street with his mate in tow.

The video is captioned: “This guy smashed my windscreen back on 16/02 and even with clear footage, it seems the police are unable to locate him!. John Rice Avenue, Elizabeth Vale, South Australia”

So what we can infer from that is, the video was forwarded to police, but they haven’t managed to apprehend someone at this point.

By Mitchell Jones