Aston Martin Aims For The DBX Το Become Its Best-Seller

The first Aston Martin SUV is still a few years away from production, but it is expected to become an important player for the company, accounting for half of its total sales.

Speaking with CarAdvice as the Australian F1 Grand Prix, the brand’s CEO, Andy Palmer, confirmed a new factory, in Wales, which will be in charge of putting together the SUV.

7,000 sports cars, that’s the capacity of Gaydon. I can’t make any more than that, that’s why I explicitly decided not to increase the capacity of Gaydon and build a new factory in Wales“, Palmer said.

Aston Martin has chosen an easy and familiar path for the new Wales facility, as this will be a copy of the Gaydon one, with a similar capacity: “That’s the factory that will build the DBX, it’s not open until 2019. That’s kind of a copy paste of the Gaydon facility so it has a capacity of about 7,000 vehicles, so you see where we are trying to get to“, added Palmer.

With a clear target in mind for the DBX, the Bentley Bentayga, it will be primarily aimed at markets like China and North America. The first units of the DBX will be ready by the end of the decade, reportedly joined by the Lagonda luxury saloon.


  • Grille

    Love that “Ford” grille 🙂

  • Smith

    Wow this is horrible. Did Aston Martin buy the design rights for the RCZ from Peugeot, or did they just knock it off without paying PSA for it.

    • Finkployd

      lool impossible to unsee

    • Cobrajet

      It still looks Aston Martin to me. At least this “SUV” is still a sports car.

  • Bo Hanan

    This just seems like a foolish idea for AM.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Everyone else has killed it with their SUVs. The Porsche Cayenne was a foolish idea, too…once upon a time.

  • Shobin Drogan

    Best seller? Are they out of their minds?

    • Six Thousand Times

      I bet it will be. It won’t look like this – will have 4 doors and a tailgate. SUVs of every description sell for everyone. Most car enthusiasts were dead certain that the Cayenne would flop like a fat guy falling into a lake – nope! Huge success. Ugly isn’t even a factor.

      • Shobin Drogan

        The cayenne sold well because it was actually a good car, I highly doubt Aston would be able to make a compelling rival to the cayenne that is reliable and roomy inside. The rapide was gorgeous but had appalling room for back seat passengers. I’m certain the same would be repeated here.

        • Six Thousand Times

          I don’t know about the Cayenne being a good car or not (In my opinion none of these are good cars since they aren’t sports cars but you wouldn’t dare risk off-roading them) but that wasn’t my point. Nobody thought that Porsche – known for sports cars – could sell an ugly SUV (based on a VW/Audi no less) to anyone. Everybody was wrong. Now Porsche could almost kill the 911 and replace it with an SUV and still hit gold. It just doesn’t matter how ugly or stupid or pointless luxo SUVs are, they are the whole market now. I’m ready to guarantee you that Aston is correct and this will be their volume model. I’ll call it 55% of the product mix at minimum.

        • Nordschleife

          I’d like to believe that Aston has learned from the Rapide so I am sure the DBX will be much more user friendly than the Rapide was.

  • Jan Mleziva

    Why would you want a luxurious sports car with high center of gravity and soft suspension? Bentayaga is at least big inside and while it goes seriously fast and is seriously luxurious, it also has enough space for four adults and some luggage – but then again that is not a sports car, it is luxurious SUV

    • Six Thousand Times

      The production version will not be a car like the concept. It will be more in the realm of the F-Pace, Ursa, or Cayenne. It will probably still be pointless and ugly but who cares? It will be an SUV and Aston will sell the living bejeesus out of it.

      • Jan Mleziva

        Urus has almost the same issue: for a sports car it has high center of gravity, for SUV it has no headroom on backseats and only a bit more legroom.
        F-Pace is quite different (more like Macan, Levante, X3, Evoque…) and Cayenne is very, very different, more the size of X5, Bentayaga, Touareg, . The only thing it shares with this AM concept is luxury.

        • Six Thousand Times

          I’m telling you, it will not matter. It’s a luxury SUV with sporty pretensions. The cash will roll in.

  • Six Thousand Times

    TVR is going to Wales, Aston’s going to Wales…

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