Belarus Cop Saves Teen From Getting Run Over

Although it may not seem like it at first, this policeman managed to rescue a fellow pedestrian by pulling him from the path of a minivan that failed to stop at a crosswalk in Vitebsk, Belarus.

According to an alternate description of this video and the translating power of Google, the cop yanked the teenager aside at just the right angle so that he managed to walk away from the accident without any injuries, despite still coming in contact with the vehicle.

The cop himself did sustain a bruised shin, but an upcoming reward from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus should definitely help make him feel better, as should the fact that he reacted in such a way that may have helped save a life or at least helped prevent serious injury.

The driver of the minivan was obviously charged for causing the accident as well as for being in violation of the traffic rules – which he completely ignored once he chose to get on the tram tracks and failed to notice either the pedestrian crossing, the pedestrians themselves, or both.

After the impact, both the teen and the cop get up without any issues and we can only imagine what was said as soon as the officer opened the passenger-side door.

We’re also glad nobody got seriously hurt (that bruised shin is a small price to pay) and here’s hoping courageous acts such as this one can simply go quietly into the night once future cars won’t allow for pedestrians to get hit anymore.


  • xDRAN0x

    I like how he just opens up the door.

  • Av

    Brave cop saved the kid with his body.

    • fabri99

      Yes, most of us just saw that.

  • thunder bolt

    jay walkers got it good

    • R1S0

      if you focus enough, after a while you can see a crosswalk sign at 0:06…