BMW Hires Ex-Google Executive As VP Of Digital Strategy

As BMW enter their second century of carmaking, they are embarking on new endeavors, including a “digital revolution”, at the helm of which will be newly-hired ex-Google executive, Jens Monsees.

Monsees becomes BMW’s vice president of digital strategy- a position that didn’t exist before. According to a report by German magazine Automobilwoche, he has been given unfettered freedom and autonomy to implement sweeping changes.

Monsees and digital strategy president Markus Schramm will be tasked with restructuring everything from business and design to engineering and vehicle assembly processes. They will be examining internet sales operations and even looking into 3D printed manufacturing.

Monsees was personally chosen by BMW CEO Harald Krueger, for his experience; starting out with BMW before moving to Google and Arvato- a business-to-business consultancy firm.

This is also an area where competitors Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz have got the jump on the Bavarian automaker; with the latter hiring Johan Jungwirth- who was reportedly working on the Apple car project.

A company source revealed to British magazine Autocar, “Up until now BMW operations have been heavily driven by engineering. It is part-and-parcel of the working culture. However, there has been a clear shift towards the IT side of the business, and this is set to be accelerated with the appointment of Monsees.”

By Mitchell Jones

Photo: Jens Monsees

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