Deadpool Highway Scene VFX Breakdown Is Awesome

Even though watching how Deadpool’s SUV highway scene was put together from a visual perspective is pretty amazing, be aware that it reveals more than what you’ve only seen in the trailers.

The video itself basically breaks down this action-packed highway scene (most of it anyway), where you’ve got Deadpool kicking behind inside the SUV, and a couple of motorcycles alongside which definitely play their part in helping the movie get off to a great start.

Responsible for the visual effects themselves were the guys from Atomic Fiction, who also worked on other blockbuster films such as Star Trek ‘Into Darkness’, San Andreas, Transformers ‘Age of Extinction’ and more recently even The Walk and the latest Star Trek ‘Beyond’.

Interestingly enough, they did an awesome job in Need for Speed as well, where you no doubt remember the famous Koenigsegg Agera scene where the three cars race each other – arguably the best part of the movie.

For Deadpool though, Atomic Fiction had to also create computer generated characters, vehicles, and an entire urban environment which in the end helped make the movie itself even more exciting. Don’t get us wrong, we love good old fashioned stunt work, but when dealing with superheroes, the “super” part kind of makes it hard for real-life physics to keep up.

Also, it’s interesting to point out that when the original test footage was leaked last year, the CGI guys went with the previous-generation Cadillac Escalade as the car of choice, whereas in the movie, they chose the 2014 Chevrolet Suburban LT.

Note: If you haven’t seen Deadpool, watching this video might spoil a couple of fresh moments that were edited out from the initial trailers. And yes, mind the violence.


  • thunder bolt

    I don’t even know if the computer I’m using is real anymore.

  • Miknik

    To me all these CGI generated action sequences lack the charm of proper stunt driver based “real crashes” like in Ronin, Bullit etc.

  • Vassilis

    I stopped watching after a minute or so. Everything is fake.