Ford Super Duty Shows Off Its Trailer Reverse Gizmos [w/Video]

With the introduction of its new Super-Duty series of pick-up trucks, Ford also made available an overabundance of goodies that transform the vehicles in the “the ultimate towing machines”.

Well, at least that’s what the big “Blue Oval” claims, showcasing “one of 14 class-exclusive features” in a series of videos.

For starters, Ford offers its heavy-duty truck customers more smart technology to make maneuvering the big rigs more convenient. The Trailer Reverse Guidance uses cameras to see more angles, monitor various conditions around the truck and provide real-time guidance while maneuvering a trailer, especially as the system functions as more than just a digital rearview mirror. For instance, two side-view cameras shift the view of the trailer as its angle changes, while a customer-placed camera ban be attached to the back of a trailer to further improve visibility while backing up.

The Trailer Reverse Guidance also presents a color-coded bird’s eye view of the truck, and trailer on the center console screen, with yellow or red representing a tight maneuver prone to jackknifing.

To top it off, Ford says two patents are pending on the system, which includes a dynamic steering wheel icon that indicates to drivers which direction to turn in order to back the trailer in a straight line, and a dual-purpose camera package.