High Five: The New York Show Premieres We Love

At long last, we know all there is to know about the 2016 New York International Auto Show.

For a second-tier event, for it’s definitely not in the same league as Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris and Detroit, it did have not a few new cars and concepts to draw the crowds.

Not all premieres are equal, of course. Judging which top the list is a bit tricky, as there are no solid criteria. Thus, we decided to do away with trivialities like market share (Cruze Hatch or 911 R? Thought so…) and just pick the ones that top our list.

Subjective, you say? What’s wrong with that? They are the ones we like the most. Beg to differ? Please, have your say. Democracy at work, ladies and gentlemen!

# 5 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Talk about killing two birds with one stone by launching both the coupe and convertible versions of the fire breathing, all new ZL1. A Camaro with more than 600 ponies (pun intended) from the Vette Z06 supercharged V8 fitted with all the performance stuff that rivals include in their options list and that bodywork… This one means business and takes the pony car game to a new level. We abide.

#4 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Those guys from Munich had a head start with the X4, but their sworn enemies are now entering the premium compact crossover coupe (could that be any longer?) arena. Think of it as the X6 vs GLE Coupe match taken one rung lower because, well, that’s what it really is. The Coupe is nothing if not a normal GLC that puts form ahead of function for those who’ve got bored of being mistaken for a well-off soccer mom on the school ride.

#3 Lincoln Navigator Concept

A Linc making it that high happens once it 10 blue moons. Still, the Navigator could have made it even higher if not for the stiff competition. Ditch the pure concept gullwing doors and here’s a full-size SUV from FoMoCo that just might be a smash hit, challenging the Escalade’s established supremacy. The design is more sleek than bling, which could work either for or against it, but seeing one Mr McConaughey next to it could be credible even if the Hollywood hunk didn’t get paid to do so.

#2 Mazda MX-5 Retractable Fastback

Mazda has made a name for itself with its rotary–engined sports cars yet it lacks one right now. Plus, not everyone is a fan of getting less mileage than a 747 at takeoff or getting goosebumps at the thought of a rebuild. With the RF, Mazda fills two quotas: it now has a hard-top sports car in its range and it satisfies those who’ve liked the MX-5 but didn’t want a convertible. The choreography of the folding mid part reminds us of similarly configured supercars, even if the engines leave a lot to be desired in terms of output.

#1 Genesis New York Concept

Challenging the almighty 3-Series? The road is littered by the slain reputations of those who have tried and failed to scratch its armor. Noble ones, all of them, with a very long and distinguished lineage. An upstart attempting the same is bound to end in tears and humiliation, yes? The upmarket Germans have underestimated new rivals in the past, notably Lexus, and were caught by surprise. Hyundai has just launched its own luxury brand and it’s coming in with all guns blazing hitting one segment after another. They could have given it a proper name (we know it’ll be the G70 eventually), but they probably let the design do the talking. Pretty convincing from where we stand. Itching to learn how it drives, we are…