BMW M4 Coupe Meets The i8 On The Drag Strip

Old school vs the shape of things to come: this is bound to be interesting.

This drag race is like as an internal battle of the worlds. Since both are available now, we will just stick to seeing which one does a better job in dealing with the quarter mile.

Under the i8’s futuristic bodywork hides a complicated plug-in hybrid powertrain that makes BMW’s carbon sports car essentially an all-wheel drive 357hp eye-opening experience.

On the red hand, the M4 packs all the ingredients we come to expect from an M car, featuring a twin-turbo straight-six engine pushing out 425hp which in this case are sent to the rear axle via a seven-speed double clutch gearbox.

One has the power, the other has the bite but only one can cross the line first. Top Gear magazine answers our question: Which one is fastest?