Honda And Hitachi Develop Portable Alcohol Detector

Honda and Hitachi just announced the successful development of a portable alcohol breathalyzer prototype that is tamper-resistant and can be integrated into a smart key.

Non-law enforcement alcohol-detection technology has been in the working for quite some time now, with even the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) unveiling – at one point – a system that “could potentially save thousands of lives each year.”

That said, the latest gizmo in the industry now comes from Honda and its take on the matter is simple, portable and immersive in daily use.

The device is capable of distinctively detecting the saturated water vapor from human breath and accurately measure alcohol levels within 3 seconds, triggering an ignition interlock to stop the vehicle from starting its engine when it detects a driver under the influence of alcohol. A system that can show the alcohol level measured by the detector on the vehicle’s display panel has also been developed.

Unlike other similar systems, Honda and Hitachi’s solution doesn’t require the driver to perform the test from the driver seat but can do so even outside the vehicle. To top it off, the tech is able to recognize weather conditions and whether the applied air is actual human exhaled breath by detecting the saturated water vapors with a high degree of sensitivity.