IED Shiwa Is An Autonomous Concept With No Windows

Inspired by Origami and named after the Japanese word for “fold”, the new Shiwa concept is a different approach on the future of mobility.

The project was started by a Korean student, Youngjin Shim, and it was further developed by a team of twelve people, from the Turin European Design Institute, who were in charge or creating the unique exterior that seems to come straight from sci-fi movies.

It has futuristic-looking lighting units on both ends, with LED technology, an OLED display that indicates the charging level of the batteries, but by far the most interesting feature is that the designers didn’t add any windows to the autonomous driving study.

Inside its 4,700 mm long, 2,000 mm wide and 1,500 mm tall body, there are two lounge-style seats that can accommodate up to four passengers, while the interior surfaces are “designed to project multimedia contents towards the passengers, outdoors or to create an augmented reality“, as IED Turin explains.

Being all about the future, an internal combustion engine had no place on the Shiwa, which is propelled by 4 brushless electric motors, mounted directly on the wheels to form an intelligent all-wheel drive system.

The Shiwa Concept is currently on display at the 86th Geneva Motor Show, where it was unveiled by IED Turin and Quattroroute.