Immaculate 1967 Honda S800 Coupe Goes For $22,000 [w/Video]

One glorious Honda S800 Coupe in a near-mint condition goes up for sale and it’s only natural for someone to grab it with both hands.

Described as “almost one-owner” on BringATrailer, this particular rare example remains in a largely original and beautiful state.

The car was delivered new in France to a US native who shipped it back home in 1970 where it was found in his barn following his passing. The little Honda then had its brakes and clutch hydraulics redone, its fuel system cleaned and a general refresh.

Having done 76,000km or 47,000 miles, the exterior is looking in a very good rust-free condition and all the chrome work still shining. No corrosion is to be found underneath with only minor faults described such as a broken hatch latch and aged tires in need of replacement.

The cabin is similarly described as ‘virtually new’, with the OEM wooden steering wheel wrapped in leather and some period aftermarket additions like three-point seatbelts and slip-on headrests. All the switchgear and gauges work as they should, with the exception of the temp gauge.

The Honda S800 could be considered a forebear of the S2000 and is known for its zingy 0.8-litre four-cylinder engine which could rev up to 10,000rpm, producing 70hp. This made the little Honda not only a delight to drive but also gave it a surprising scream when the tiny engine was exercised properly.

The seller was asking for $21,900 – and he got it. Not surprising, as the rarity of this famous Honda model combined with its beautiful condition makes it really a no-brainer for fans and collectors.



  • pcurve

    that’s a neat little engine bay. I guess with electric motor, we’ll be going back to this level of simplicity.

  • fabri99

    I didn’t know a coupe S800 existed…

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Me either. It’s also why I think Honda should have built a coupe S2000.

      • Finkployd

        Oh god no

        • Kaptnkauto

          LOL took the words right out of my fingers…. that looks hideous…

  • Six Thousand Times

    That little motor sounds sooo sweet.

  • Bittencourt