Production-Spec Porsche Mission E Will Be Similar To The Concept

Revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, the Mission E study stunned the public with its looks and tech, opening a new chapter (in concept form) for the German car manufacturer.

From the get go, it was understood that it would (eventually) get the green light, with the final production-spec variant compelled to see the light of day by the end of the decade.

With concept cars, nobody expects the final product to stay 100% true to the original design, although Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, speaking to Top Gear at Geneva, says otherwise,=.

“The external design will be very similar. We have to fulfill certain conditions and change some things. It’s not easy but we will do 500km range and a 15-minute charge. We have the technical ability to do it, the hard part is doing it on a whole vehicle.

“And it’s important to transfer all the driving emotion of a Porsche to the electric vehicle. We can’t do an electric vehicle that’s branded Porsche if it doesn’t fulfill what a customer expects from a Porsche. You can drive the 918 Spyder in EV mode, and that’s how it will be to drive the Mission E. It transfers what we learn from motorsport.”

The Mission E concept has a total system power output of over 600 HP (440 kW), sprints from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.5 seconds and boasts a 500+ km (310+ miles) range.

The problem, however, is that the car requires 800-volt 150kW chargers in order to recharge in 15 minutes, and an infrastructure doesn’t exist, but Porsche has a plan.

“It’s important we have a solution to that. We need standards. We’re in contact with Governments and other manufacturers. We now need to invest in a charging network in Europe, the US and China.”


  • jarooo4

    Good news everyone.

  • Bo Hanan

    Panamera replacement???… Why would both cars sit next to each other in a showroom when you can “electrify” the Panamera?

    • Kash

      Because in some places it’s still too expensive to have a pure EV car. Like Nevada where for some reason electricity is a ridiculous price even with solar when the PUC screwed us over and the fees they imposed now make it pointless and sometimes more expensive than not having solar. Also, not everyone wants an EV.

      • Bo Hanan

        I don’t agree with you statement. I would think Audi would need an electric sedan before Porsche. And this would easily be a $200K auto once it hits market, which put it in Bentley territory. Additionally, I’m starting to think you’re trolling me on Carscoops.

        • Kash

          Where did Audi come from? How am I trolling you? I promise I’m not. If anything I’d say you were the one trolling with your comment about this being a Panamera replacement and such.

  • Captain Obvious

    This is how it should be done. *gives the stink eye to Subaru*

  • Dennis James

    4 seats with no Panamera-like back hump ? This would be a miracle 🙂

  • MarkoS

    Vehicle charging Technology should be universal!