Jeremy Clarkson Involved In Accident While Filming For Amazon’s Show

While the revamped Top Gear was allegedly pushed back two weeks, former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson was reportedly involved in some kind of accident while filming for Amazon’s new car show, in Barbados.

Clarkson tweeted a pictured on Wednesday, showing a severely beaten vehicle that had its engine and gearbox moved out of place, while its bumper and registration plate sit in an unnatural position.

Had a bit of an accident while filming today“, wrote the former TG frontman in relation to the incident.

What exactly happened is not known, but there’s also a chance we may be looking at a new “special” episode where the three presenters ended up crashing their rides for fun, especially since Hammond’s comment was: “Two words for you: Dingle. Berry.

In the meantime, filming for the new car show on Amazon continues, after it reportedly kicked off  with the three men taking the LaFerrari, P1 and 918 Spyder out for a few fun laps. The show is expected to air next fall and it already gave BBC shivers, as the British television network wants to avoid clashing their TG with Amazon’s production, while having to settle with their own internal problems, after a producer quit and Chris Evans turned out to be “a control freak“.