Marvel & DC Superheroes Finally Get Their Own Cars

We’ve seen superhero wraps for cars, and we’ve even seen cars that reveal their inner-superhero once exposed to warm water, but what we have here is a whole different story.

This year is going to be an extremely superhero-heavy movie season, with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” already out and “Captain America: Civil War”, “X-Men: Apocalypse”, “Suicide Squad”, “Doctor Strange” and even “Gambit” coming up.

Of course, not all superheroes are worth getting their own personal car theme. Some, however, like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man or Iron Man certainly do deserve one, while you could also make the case for Wonder Woman, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine and of course, Deadpool – everyone’s favorite mercenary with a dirty mouth.

Batman’s BMW M2

The Dark Knight is getting a BMW M2 and at first, it seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? There’s no compact Batmobile, so if anything, Batman’s Bimmer should be something like an M6 Coupe right? Well, perhaps, but how many of you would pick the M6 over the M2?

This “Dark M2” comes with bat-shaped kidney grilles, ear-like fins which at the same time pay homage to the classic CSL racer, and even a side-mounted grappling hook for “comically tight turns”, says the artist responsible.

Superman’s Bugatti Chiron

It is somewhat fitting for the Man of Steel to get what is arguably the most imposing production car in the world. The Chiron would intimidate just about any rival, as does Superman (unless your last name is Wayne), so matching them up makes sense. Unlike the M2, this car is more about the color than a specific design theme, but we’re OK with that and we reckon Lois would be too.

Wonder Woman’s Lamborghini Huracan

It’s strange but we’ve never actually considered what car would best represent Wonder Woman. The red, blue & gold theme is obviously a good start when it comes to this Lamborghini Huracan, but what stands out here is the WW logo embedded across the front fascia. Also, notice the “crown” it  wears right above the windshield.

Aquaman’s Toyota Mirai

Uh, this one is a bit of a downer in terms of performance, but Toyota’s Mirai does run on hydrogen emitting only water, so that kind of ties in with Aquaman.  The artist also mentions how the Mirai is waterproof, bulletproof and extremely silent.

Captain America’s Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

We all know what Cap is about. The guy likes his flags red white and blue, and his language as PG-13 as possible. The shield resting against the hood scoop is neat, while the Vibranium alloys probably couldn’t give a hoot about potholes.

Iron Man’s Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Yes, yes, Tony Stark is an Audi R8 type of guy, but that doesn’t mean his alter ego has to stick to just one brand. This wide-body Z06 is allegedly powered by an arc reactor, while the crimson and gold paint makes it really easy for comic book fans to identify who this car belongs to.

Spider-Man’s Ferrari 488 Spider

Forget it; Peter Parker can’t really afford this thing. It’s one thing to sell us on Captain America rolling in a Mustang, but a Ferrari on a photographer’s salary? He’d have to walk around as Spider-Man with a selfie stick in front of his face for a whole decade in order to convince J. Jonah Jameson to give him that much money. Still, the theme works really well and the headlight surrounds do sort of look like Spidey’s eyes.

Wolverine’s Audi R8

This is the all-new R8 and if we had to guess, we’d say it’s the V10 plus – where ‘plus’ stands for excess hair. Seriously, this thing needs some urgent manscaping by the looks of it. Aside from that, the Adamantium claws work like a charm on that front spoiler, while the side mirrors remind us of his original X-Men costume, which is something we hope Hugh Jackman starts keeping track of.

The Hulk’s Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6

It’s about time somebody finds a proper way to utilize this monster of a car – give it to a monster of a superhero. The connection was staring us in the face all along. Like the Hulk, this G63 6×6 comes with radioactive green paint and purple wheel arches (like his pants) while looking perfectly equipped to…SMASH.

Deadpool’s Ford Fusion/Mondeo

If this one isn’t your favorite, you’ve probably already had your fill of Chimichangas today. This is the most creative and funniest design of the pack, and we’re not just talking about the swords or the not-so-subtle hint about somebody being in the trunk.

What’s cool about this Ford Fusion is that the white taillights, together with the color accents, makes it seem like the rear of the car resembles Deadpool’s face (with the mask on). But in order for your “laugh out loud” moment to be complete, make sure to read the message written on the rear spoiler.

Thanks to Carwow for the pictures


  • Big Black Duck

    Corvette and the Bugatti are perfect…

  • Zandit75

    Were these done by kids?

  • BJ69

    Wtf… superheroes need high end cars…..I thought all heroes were not materialistic….

  • nope soup

    Batman should have been a Dodge Viper or a Rolls Royce Wraith.

    M2 doesn’t even make sense.

    • Kash

      Wraith Black Badge tbh would’ve been perfect for Batman.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        You mean Alfred…

        • Kash

          no. Alfred would be the Ghost version. lol.

          • Tumbi Mtika

            Ahhh….I see! 🙂

  • Shobin Drogan

    my personal opinion but, but batman should’ve been with a black lambo, diablo or countach.
    Ironman should’ve been with the R8, not sure why wolverine has it.
    Wolverine should’ve been with the new mazda rx vision concept.
    Aquaman should’ve been with the rinspeed squba.
    Spiderman is more of a ford focus RS kind of guy.
    Wonderwoman should be in a viper with stars and stripes vinyl.
    I have no problem with the 6×6 for hulk and Bugatti for superman.
    Deadpool needs something crazy. TVR sagaris or a black Charger RT cant decide.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Your list is better than mine. Hands down.

    • Big Black Duck

      think a Wolverine needs a Harley..

    • Alexander Pedrigal

      An alternate for The Hulk would be a Conquest Knight XV..

  • Kash

    Wolverine is more of a Vette man, he needs to be an American car and Iron man is either the NSX Spyder or R8 E-tron because it’s tony f*cking stark.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Or a Felino Cb7. The Bub’s (Wolverine) Canadian.

      • Kash

        he’s Canadian but his attitude is more American. Cigars, motorcycles, solitude, etc.

        • Tumbi Mtika

          That’s also true.

  • fabri99

    Trackday cars would look much better with these liveries…
    Batman could go with a BAC mono, for istance, and look way cooler.
    Aquaman could go for the Caterham Aeroblade, Spiderman would look great in a Ariel Atom (paint the tub in white so that it looks like a web), Wolverine would be nice in a Praga R1, Wonder Woman could get a Vuhl 005 and Hulk an Ariel Nomad. A KTM Xbow would be perfect for Iron Man, Deadpool could go around in a Caterham Seven and Superman can have a Caparo T1.
    As for Captain America, Revzani Beast.

  • KingAnime

    Batman should have either the Murcielago SV or the Aventador SV because his theme has always been lamborghini since the Christian Bale era still Bale should have remained as batman a bit of a disappointment to be hounest but lamborghini is a fitting badge for Bruce Wayne also Murcielago means bat in italian

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I was going to say that! You sir know your cars…

      • KingAnime


  • Tumbi Mtika

    Nope. Iron man should get the R8, Cap the ‘Vette, Spidey a TT or ‘Stang, Wolverine a GT3 RS, and Deadpool a Hellcat… or maybe a GTR…

    • Tumbi Mtika

      And Batman the i8…

  • Tumbi Mtika

    The Chiron would intimidate just about any rival, as does Superman (unless your last name is Wayne)

    or Koenigsegg…

  • jacob jaye

    i feel like iron man would be more of a mclaren p1/675lt kinda man

  • I felt bad for batman… Should’ve had the Nissan Gtr Nismo!

  • Kuru Lonh

    Batman needs a lamborghini minotauro. Imagine this in black

  • A Mirai? Why…?

  • Bash

    by any mean… the batmobile should not be anything less than a lambo or the at least an aston martin.!!

  • exelent car for a hero

  • Sm77

    No way Tony Stark would drive a Vette. It’s not expensive enough for him. Wolverine is more of a blue collar guy. I think he would be the one with the Mustang. Superman is more modest, despite his powers. and he cares about the earth, so i’d say a Tesla. Batman could drive the Bugatti (or, when he means business, the Marauder.)

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