Mazda Says New CX-9 SUV Could Come To Europe

Mazda’s European boss, Jeff Guyton, says that the CX-9 might, for the first time, make it to the Old Continent.

If it gets the green light, it will land with a diesel engine instead of the 250 HP 2.5-liter petrol unit that’s available in the used on the US version.

The world would like more CX models than we are able to produce. When CX-9 really starts to sell in the US, it will be constrained as well – sure we’d like to have more, but we’ll take small actions to increase capacity” Jeff Guyton, Mazda’s European chief, told AutoExpress at the New York Auto Show.

The brand’s European SUV lineup currently comprises the subcompact CX-3 and the compact CX-5. Both of them turned out to be popular and will be joined eventually by a third addition, the sportier CX-4, which will be presented in Beijing, next month. Adding the CX-9 would give Mazda something to rival the likes of the VW Touareg and the Kia Sorento.

Presently, the new CX-9 is available to order in the USA from $31,520 (excluding destination and handling fee) for the base Sport trim. Deliveries will commence in late-spring.


  • disqus_EBOit3RK0N

    It wouldn’t be the first time. Mazda was actually officially selling a limited edition of the CX-9 in the Czech republic about one or two years ago. I’m absolutely sure it was offered on Mazda’s official web site.

    • Jasta

      In Poland as well. There were the limited quantities, in 2009, 2010 and 2014 (415 pieces this time). But probably main difference is that these were cars in slightly modified US specification, and now Mazda plans to create the European one.

      • Salih Ahzem

        Add Turkey to that list, they have sold a couple hundreds of them with the 3.7 V6 engine which was – to be honest – not a good match with European markets where fuel prices are not horrible at its best.

    • MPSneboRS

      Yes, full spec for CZK 999,900.- incl. VAT in the Czech Republic and Eur 36,490.- incl. VAT in Slovakia => during 2015. Let’s support Mazda Europe in bringing the new CX-9, even with the SKYACTIV-G 2.5T with 250HP…because….DRIVING MATTERS!!! Even fathers of big families want to ZOOM-ZOOM daily :-). I assume that in full spec. = SIGNATURE trim, Eur 40K excl. VAT could be still reasonable (successful) price…

      • Pawel

        I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂 I currently own 2015 Mazda CX-5 (full version, 2.2D), but I may decide to switch to CX-9 as soon as it’s available in Poland. I already sent a couple of emails to Mazda offices (Poland, Netherlands). I love driving experience in CX-5 but my family may soon… extend again, so more space would make big difference. Go go go Mazda! We need CX-9 here! 🙂

  • R1S0

    “If it gets the green light, it will land with a diesel engine instead of
    the 250 HP 2.5-liter petrol unit that’s available in the used on the US version.”

    c’mon, let the buyer decide what he wants…

    • MPSneboRS

      Yes, bring both, but SKYACTIV-G 2.5T might be sufficient for the start in EU…

  • Able

    It would be great if Mazda were able to fit the 2.2 litre turbo diesel into the CX-9, it loses so many sales here Down Under because it’s petrol only.

  • PedJun

    Well, not quite… I spoke to Jeff Guyton about a month ago (I won’t put the link here for the sake that it is another site) and, while he said that the CX-9 could be sold in Europe, in very low production numbers, it isn’t their main target or even a goal for the time being. It could have a Diesel engine, as he said it was possible, but that’s just in the possibilities camp.

    The same with the CX-4 which is being developed essentially for the Chinese market. Mazda is still trying to see what they are doing with it for Europe… But one thing is for sure, they want more CX models… So it will come.


  • uS’gedlemba

    This has to be the best Mazda production interior up to date.

  • Paul

    I’ve been using CX-9 since more than a year (bought new 2015 model ) and would love to switch it for the new model.. The only thing is I’m afraid of is the weak braking system.. I’ve switched plates/pads for EBC immediately after purchasing the car, but still – doesn’t act like a BMW…way better anyway though, comparing to the stock ones..
    I’d love to test new turbo 2.5L engine, since the old 3.7 lacks of torque at lower rpm ranges..
    Also -the AWD system goes wild when you push to gas pedal to the limit – had some quattros and X5’s before, and Mazda isn’t there yet.. But still – half of the price of any Q7 or GL..comparable..
    Also hoping fuel consumption to be lower – my Mazda takes in between 12-15 L/100km (13.5 average after 20K km of Polish roads driving )