Opel Plans New Flagship SUV Before The End Of The Decade

GM’s European brand wants to expand its vehicle lineup and a replacement for the defunct Antara is on the horizon.

Part of the new “X” range that debuted at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, with the Mokka X subcompact crossover, the new flagship SUV has been hinted by the firm’s boss, Karl-Thomas Neumann, quoted by AutoExpress: “One of our major weaknesses is that we don’t have a great SUV portfolio. We have one SUV, the Mokka, and it’s very successful, we want more.”

The report states that the new Opel SUV will go on sale before the end of 2020, but the brand’s chief hints that it might appear over the next two years.

We will do another SUV, which is our Insignia-based flagship SUV. So in a few years we will have a much better portfolio“, added Neumann.

In the meantime, Opel continues the development of the new-gen Insignia. The car will mix elements from the firm’s newest models and it should ride on the GM’s E2xx platform. A completely new interior will help set it apart even more over its predecessor and will feature a fresh engine range and a 8-speed auto.

Renderings via Remco M


  • Tumbi Mtika

    If it will ride on the E2XX(Epsilon) platform, why are you showing us a bastardized Avenir?

  • Anthony Bugge

    If only it would look the beautiful but knowing GM they will cheapen and Butcher it

  • john1168

    “IF” GM does it right, they would have a GREAT affordable Jaguar F-Pace competitor! 3.0TT V6, 8 speed auto, AWD and decent styling… If I was running GM it would be a no brainer! They could make a version for GMC and Chevy with a locking center diff for more off road ability and have different levels of affordability.

    • john1168

      They got the engines! They got 8 speed auto tranny! They got the good AWD system and can have a locking center diff on it! And they’ve already got the styling the rendering should work for the most part. All they gotta do is do it!!!

  • MarkoS

    Nice Rendering, It could do well looking like this.

    • Braddo

      I agree. If it looked like this i think it would sell very well. I like opels new ‘look’ and this wears it well

  • Cobrajet

    Let this be the mid-range SUV. I want them to make a Touareg rival with a V8.

  • Dan Facciolo

    GM will most likely slap a Buick badge on this which instantaneously eliminate all its appeal.

  • Rick Malldonn

    The same front nose of the Buick Avenir, original!