Porsche 911 R Explained By Its Spiritual Father Will Make You Want One Even More

Porsche has finally done it, throwing into the market a limited edition 911 targeted specifically to purists.

The new 911 R takes the best bits of a GT3 RS and dials them for the most emotional driving experience offered in a modern Porsche.

Porsche’s determination when building the 911 R can be found in things like the bespoke six-speed manual gearbox or the extensive lightweight solutions that helped bring down the weight, making it lighter even than the already lightweight GT3 RS.

A screaming 500hp 4.0-litre flat-six coupled with a six-speed manual, four-wheel steering tuned exclusively to the model’s specs and 1370kg or 3,020 pounds (with all fluids) of pure automotive porn. That’s exactly how you make a desirable vehicle.

Andreas Preuninger, the spiritual father of the 911 R spoke to Evo magazine about his new child, explaining all the details that makes the 911 R different and more fun than the car it’s based on.