Volvo CEO Discusses New Small Cars, Plug-In Hybrids At Geneva

Volvo president & CEO Hakan Samuelsson took to the stage at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in order to talk about his company’s mid-term future.

Learning the plans of what arguably is the the most improved car manufacturer is not something to be taken lightly.

Mr Samuelsson was very clear in saying that, despite transitioning from their old-gen models to an all-new portfolio, Volvo will still retain its ambitions mid-term expansion plan that should lead to increased sales, improved profitability, better productivity and world-wide recognition as one of Europe’s leading premium brands.

Aside from their larger 90 series and 60 series cars, which will share the Scalable Product Architecture, the Swedish automaker will also implement a global small car strategy, where they will introduce the SPA quality to smaller cars by means of the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA).

“Our new expanded global range of smaller cars will improve and broaden Volvo’s presence in an important and growing market segment.”, said Samuelsson.

Additionally, at least “10% of annual sales will be electrified vehicles in the medium term”, as Volvo wants to position itself as a leading global maker of electrified vehicles, with production soon to start for a series of four and three cylinder plug-in twin engine cars.

Furthermore, Samuelsson confirmed that every range of cars Volvo sells will have a PHEV option, while an all-electric car is less than 3 years away.