VW To Replace The Phaeton With An All-Electric Luxury Saloon?

Only recently its first attempt at a luxury saloon died a quiet death, and already reports on its successor have started surfacing.

According to AutoBild, the replacement for the ill-fated Phaeton might gain an all-electric powertrain.

The German publication quotes a spokesman within the company, who said that “the Phaeton is and will remain an essential project for Volkswagen.”

Determined to make it to this segment, VW is said to develop its new entry is reportedly developed alongside the Porsche Mission E and the Audi Q6, which means it will use an all-electric powertrain.

Coming after a billion ($1.1 billion) investment, as a pet project of the former VW chief Ferdinand Piech and failing to achieve its sales targets, the last example of the Phaeton has left the Dresden assembly line on March 18, 2016.


  • atomicbri

    I think they need to be worried about replacing all the bad diesel motors and worry about a more interesting core line up than some one off über sedan that competes with it’s own Audi range.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      It doesn’t compete, though.

    • diesel_vdub

      The diesel motors are not “bad”, they work exactly as designed and will run for years more reliably than the vast majority of gasoline engines on the market currently.
      The issue with the motors is that they generate more emissions than is allowed by law.

      • atomicbri

        Ok let me say then, their polluting diesel motors, point is a large sedan like another Phaeton is not really the best plan for image restructuring. They need to create a new and awesome People’s Car again like the Beetle was back in its day. Something that is electric/hybrid that fits in to today’s lifestyles of the masses and not spend a $1B on a super sedan that really is out of touch for the “people’s car” in my opinion. Their US lineup is sad and now they don’t have the Clean Diesel to help in sales, they need to focus more on restructuring all that than on one sedan. And trust me , I was once a multiple VW owner from Golfs to GTi’s and I still love them, but don’t love the cheating they did on buyers and playing people for fools.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    How was this allowed to sell for 12 PLUS [email protected]#$#[email protected] YEARS?

    • TheHake

      It was a fantastic car. Not in the looks department, but in the ride quality department. If you ever take one for a drive, you’ll understand. It really is a Bentley with VW badges.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        Too bad I live in the US… and there aren’t any USED Phaetons where I live.

      • Felix Le Forestier

        I confirm this, my father had one. The ride quality is awesome

  • Go electric might be a solution. Never understood how they could think they could sell a hand made Uber VW when they have nothing between it and the Passat. Even Skoda has a bigger car than the Passat. And even if if the Passat got bigger and bigger, is still is not an alternative to A6, E class, 5 series…

    • TheHake

      The Skoda Superb is quite simply… Superb. Wish there was a Passat that used the same formula! But the new Passat really is an alternative to the A6.

      • If I had to replace my car today I might buy a used Superb Estate. One of the few cars on the market in wich I can have a confortable driving position and still put someone behind my size. And the trunk is great, it’s well built. Like the previous one better. New one is nice looking, but more agressive than it should be considering the power and driving dynamics. Reminds me of the Passat of the 2000, just looks what it is, well made, simple, tough… Never understood why VW didn’t make a Superb equivalent. Cheaper than a A6, that you would buy not only for the badge or because an Audi is too expensive. The Skoda is clearly more premium than all others skoda. The Superb is not just a step beyond the Octavia, it’s milles away.