You’ll Need A Strong Stomach To Buy This Vilner BMW M6

Although not that vibrant as it once was, the art of coachbuilding is still alive today, with some companies and design studios creating unique, bespoke automobiles that entice the aficionados. Still, we’re not so sure about this particular BMW 6 Series from Vilner.

Purpose-built bespoke automobiles are worth their weight in gold, especially if we’re talking about purebred coachbuillds from the days of yore, but that doesn’t make every re-worked car valuable.

Believe it or not, this M6 could very well be classified as a coachbuild, as its refabricated body and interior are significantly different from stock form. Still, its lack of pedigree (and style) won’t make it a desirable proposition, even if it’s associated with Star Wars’ Stormtrooper army.

When Vilner launched the automobile, two years ago, the company said it could build up to 10 examples if there was enough interest in it, as the initial project was made for an Austrian customer.

The model, didn’t suffer changes under the hood (if you don’t take into account the new top speed limitation), but what more can you ask from a 197-mile-an-hour (318 km/h), 507 HP cabriolet that sprints from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.4 seconds?

This model is offered for sale by the Bulgarian tuner for $104,481, it has only 105,000 Km on the clock and comes with full service history.


  • Six_Tymes

    I like it a lot, the side grills should be white

    not liking the interior though

    • pcurve

      yup. this is so much better than the 6… which was rather unsightly.

  • Rick Alexander

    One hundred thousand dollars, for an M6 with a kit, and 100,000km+ on the clock? Are you out of your f*%kin`mind? I like the design, but not the color combination. There`s nothing wrong with black and white, but this combination has been done to death. As for the brown interior, it looks like it would be more at home in a Ford King Ranch pickup, than a socalled bespoke sports car.

  • Galaxium

    front end looks like one of those older Infiniti CUVs with the weird headlights

    • T_Cake

      The FX35/45? I kind of liked those. One journalist said it looked like a “mechanical cheetah.” I agree.

      • Jay

        I think it was Bionic Cheetah lol.

    • Jay

      Headlights definitely resembles my Infiniti FX. They are a bit different but really close. The bumper is not even close in styling however.

      • The-Fez

        Those lights are definitely lifted right off the FX, they’ve just molded the bodywork so it sits over top of them. A cheap way to “change the shape” if you will.

        • Jay

          That would make sense. They did open them up and do some work on its inards too to further differentiate them from the originals.

          • The-Fez

            That’s true. Looks like they painted them or something.


  • MultiKdizzle

    Front end is properly aggressive, the back end is a mess, and the interior is a bit tacky but I’ve seen worse.

    edit: On second look, if you do this to your 6 Series, something has probably gone wrong in your life.

  • Howstar

    $100k+ for an old m6 with infiniti qx70 headlights, bodykit and vulgar wheels.
    Think i’ll pick from 100s of 1000s of cars that are less than 100k brand new!